Kyndra Kelly

Honey Peach Tart

Kyndra Kelly
Honey Peach Tart

SO simple, SO yummy!

This 5 ingredient recipe is one of my go-to’s for any gathering, just because it’s so quick to throw together and barely even requires a recipe. Gotta love that!

There’s only a few more weeks to make this yummy treat since peach season is almost over, so go get yourself some nice peaches and lets do this!

Once you halve your peaches and place them in the skillet, let them simmer with the water for a few minutes to start getting soft before adding the honey and cinnamon. We want them to be super juicy once they are done cooking. Once you add the honey and cinnamon, it’s okay to sit and stare for a few minutes - because they are so beautiful! No? Just me? Okay.

This part is gonna sound weird, well even weirder than before :P Take your puff pastry and just plop that thing right over the top of your peaches. Tuck it in, and throw it in the oven for about 20 - 25 minutes. You want the top to get nice and golden brown, and maybe some of the juices around the edges bubble.


I mean… was that not the easiest thing you’ve ever done?! And trust me, it’s GOOD. Sometimes simple is best. Top with some ice cream, honey and cinnamon for extra decadence.

Here’s the recipe!