Kyndra Kelly

Blueberry Coffeecake Muffins

Kyndra Kelly
Blueberry Coffeecake Muffins

I have this coffeecake twice a year every year. My mama makes this exact recipe every single Christmas and Easter morning - except in actual coffeecake form. I thought…what the heck! Why can’t I make muffins outta that?!

So I did.

And they are amazing!

Not to mention, absolutely beautiful! I love the way the frozen blueberries make the batter all swirly. If you plan on making these for breakfast, I’d highly recommend making them the night before. They stay moist and delicious!

After making the batter, fold in the blueberries gently trying not to smash as many as possible. I like a little swirl, but some of the batter should still be white. This batter is THICK! Just the way we like it! ;D

As always, I used Bob’s Red Mill Organic Gluten Free Oats for the streusel topping to add a little chewiness. You can find all of Bob’s Red Mill products online or in store at Sprouts, Whole Foods and many more. :)

Top the unbaked muffins with the streusel topping, and lots of it! You can never have enough of this stuff so go overboard! Plus, if you have any left over, you can spread it out on a sheet pan and make crispy bits to snck on. :) (you’re welcome)

Top with a big ole slab of butter and have a great day!

Here’s the recipe!