Kyndra Kelly

Mixed Berry Galette

Kyndra Kelly
Mixed Berry Galette

It Pi day! What better way to celebrate, than with the easiest “pie” there is!

Sometimes we just don’t have time to throw together a legit “pie”. Or maybe you just don’t have a pie plate handy. Lucky for you, Galettes (or Crostatas) are like pies, without the plate and without the hassle and effort of making it look perfect.

I like to call them rustic pies, if you will, and they are SO. GOOD.

I use mixed berries for mine, but I’ve done all sorts of crazy combinations. Whatever your favorite pie is, try making it into a crostata! Whats the worst that could happen?

I made my own pie dough, but feel free to use store-bought if you’re in a pinch.

Once your dough is ready and being refrigerated, you can start making the filling, which couldn’t be easier, BTW. You basically just throw it all in a bowl and add some sugar, flour and corn starch. I used my favorite Bob’s Red Mill flour, of course!

Roll out your dough, fill em up, col dover the extra, and BAM! You’re on the way to one delicious crostata.

I like to egg wash my crust and sprinkle it with a little decorating sugar to make it look semi-pretty. But of course, its not necessary!


Here’s the recipe!

I hope you enjoy and happy Pi day!