Kyndra Kelly

PB&J Pop Tarts

Kyndra Kelly
PB&J Pop Tarts

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What’s not to love about this combo?!

Everyones favorite breakfast food + everyones favorite sandwich = pure bliss!


Homemade pop tarts might sound scary, but don’t be scared! They are easy peasy, and so much healthier and more delicious than regular pop tarts. I used Bob’s Red Mill organic flour to make these babies. Which makes them even healthier than normal pop tarts!

The best part is, the “hard” part of making the pie dough can be done ahead of time, like the night before, for easy prep in the morning! That way, when you are ready to make them, all you have to do is roll/cut them out, fill them, and “pop” (hehe) them in the oven!

You could really do any flavor combo you want. I thought PB&J sounded yummy and I had grape jelly on hand. Turns out, they were just as delicious as I imagined!

Here’s the recipe!

Happy baking!