Kyndra Kelly

Winter Wonderland

Kyndra Kelly
Winter Wonderland

Make your home feel as festive as you do this year with these adorable Winter Wonderland Centerpieces!

I am in LOVE with how these came out, and they were such a blast to put together. Not only do these make great decorations, but they also double for adorable gifts for friends and family around the holidays.

All you need is:

Glass jars of various sizes

Granulated Sugar

Gingerbread Cookies (store-bought dough) + my royal icing recipe for decorating!

Battery powered lights


That’s IT!

Assembly is simple, picture your perfect Winter Wonderland and make it come to life! For me, that was lots of lights, pretty trees, and even some reindeer. Pour about 1 - 2 inch of sugar in the bottom of your glass jars. Carefully arrange the cookies in the sugar. Add lights, berries, sprinkles and whatever else completes your winter wonderland scene!

The best part is, everything is edible! ;)

I hope you enjoy my Winter Wonderland jars!