Kyndra Kelly

Father's Day Fun

Kyndra Kelly
Father's Day Fun

I have always always always struggled with gifts for father’s day. And a friend recently called me and asked for some ideas. The famous, “what the heck do i get my dad for father’s day question”! So I’ve compiled a list of things any crafty, cookin’ dad would LOVE to receive on fathers day. Other than your unconditional love, of course!

  1. Weber iGrill
    • This nifty gadget monitors your foods temperature form beginning to end and gives you update via the Weber iGrill app…doesn’t get much cooler than that, Dad!
  2. Boos Block
    • I now have three different styles of boos blocks and lemme tell ya, I LOVE every single one. I use them every day! There are a ton of durable, long lasting, and very stylish options!
  3. Grill Set
    • Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this grill set. It literally has everything, but the kitchen sink, in it. Of course there are a ton of grill sets out there if you’re looking for something a lil less flashy, dad will appreciate theeffort either way.
  4. Himalayan Salt Block
    • Alright, alright you caught me. I only put this on here because I actually just really want one. Not ONLY can you cook and serve on this bad boy, but it also seasons your food for you, AND adds healthy minerals to your food. Who WOULDN’T want one!
  5. Apron
    • Everyone already knows I am a huge fan of funny aprons!
  6. Quality Knives
    • You really can never ever go wrong with a good ole knife. And trust me when I say, you can NEVER, EVERRRR, have too many knives. I still to this day wish I had more trusty knives and believe me, I have a lot!
  7. Sea Salt Set
    • What do they say? “Variety is the spice of life”? Well, that is absolutely true in this case. Your dad will feel like a culinary enthusiast with these many options of finishing and cooking salts!