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BLT Salad

Love BLTs? Yeah, me too. Which is why I made it into a salad!

Watch the video, that was apart of my "Valentine's Day Dinner for 2 episode"!


Homemade cheez-its

Your favorite crispy, crunchy snack, homemade, with REAL ingredients!

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Cheddar cheese sticks

So crispy, so cheesy, you'll wonder why you never made these at home before.

Watch the video!

Black Bean & COrn Salsa

Such a refreshing salsa that can be served with chips or without!

Watch the video, that was apart of my "Cinco de Mayo" episode!

Brussel Sprout Chips

I'm obsessed with these chips! Honestly, these could replace real chips for me, any day.

Watch the video!

Kahlua Pecan Brie

WARNING: Once you make this, you literally will not be able to stop eating it.

Watch the video!

Cranberry Brie Bites

The perfect little pre-dinner snack for you and your guests!

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