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Kyndra Kelly

Hi! I'm Kyndra, and I am a professionally trained pastry chef, that enjoys cooking and baking all things yummy. I've always had a passion for cooking, and I like to call myself a "balanced foodie". I've never believed in deprivation, only moderation. After all, life is too short for bland and boring! I like to find the balance between healthy & indulgent, falling in love with the food you put into your body.  

My way of eating involves eating what you want, but made with the best possible ingredients you can find. This means grass-fed meat, pasture raised eggs, organic fruits, veggies and grains, and grass-milk cheese.

You will find a mix of healthy treats, family secrets, warm comfort food, and a whole lot of indulgent desserts, all using only REAL ingredients. I hope you enjoy! ♥

P.s. I LOVE all things cozy!

All my life my mom has had me in the kitchen. I can’t say that food is a new passion of mine, because I had my hands in the cookie dough bowl at two years old! I realized at a young age that cooking is an insatiable need that I have. There is something truly fulfilling to cook yourself and others meals knowing that YOU alone accomplished such a delectable dish. This is one of the many reasons I am so enthusiastic about food, among just being a lover of eating in general!

I get asked a lot where my passion for cooking came from, or when I started to cook. Truth is, there is no certain point in my life where I can pinpoint when I fell in love with cooking. Food has always been huge part of my life and I am constantly thinking about what I’ll be making for my next meal, or what would be good to have at my family’s get together this Sunday. Because lets be honest, there is nothing better than great food, and good company. There is a quote by my favorite author J.R.R. Tolkien that says, “If more of us valued food, and cheer, and song, above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” And to me, this hits it right on the head.

Its never too late to start to fall in love too. Through my channel, I hope to give others the same confidence in the kitchen that I learned when I was young. I promise cooking isn’t scary and my goal is to inspire others to believe this as well. Of course it can be intimidating at first, but isn’t everything? With a little patience and a big appetite, you can accomplish any of these dishes too.

I am a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School. I’ve always known cooking was something I wanted to pursue, so making the decision to attend culinary school was not a hard one. "A picture is worth a thousand words" ~ For me, the visual appeal of the food, is just as important as the taste. I also attended ASU studying film and photography, as it has always been another interest of mine. This has helped me tremendously in food photography and styling. There is something so rewarding about capturing the perfect shot of your dish, because we eat with our eyes before our mouths!

I contribute to "Images Arizona Magazine" as a recipe developer and food photographer in their monthly issues. In addition to that, I also make monthly appearances on AZ Channel 3's "Your Life Arizona", demonstrating fun treats!

Other than cooking of course, I have always been extremely passionate about staying active and doing yoga.

I am so thrilled to be able to share recipes and ideas and tips that will hopefully aid you in becoming more confident in the kitchen, all the while making delicious recipes that you, your friends and family won’t be able to resist!


Always made with love,




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